Bis-Man COSE Committee Members



Bismarck State College, Scott Grandi-Hill (Co-President)

State Historical Society, Larissa Harrison (Co-President)

OMB, Renee Nelson (Treasurer)

Protection & Advocacy, Rebecca Rosenkranz (Secretary)


Committee Members:

Ag, Betty Schneider

Attorney General, Kerrie Helm

CTE, Brenda Schuler

Dept. of Correction & Rehabilitation, Denise Senger

Dept. of Human Services, Sara Kjos

Dept. of Health, May Dillman

Dept. of Minerals Resources, Katie Haarsager

Dept of Public Instruction, LaDawn Eisenbeis

Dept. of Transportation, Lynne Huber

Governor's Office, Danielle Hopkins

Job Services, Kristi Hruby

ND Council on the Arts, Amy Schmidt

ND Information Technology, Robin Vesey

ND Insurance Dept., Rachel Kriege

NDPERS, Rebecca Fricke

ND Retirement & Investment Office, Susan Walcker

Retirement & Investment, Missy Kopp

Secretary of State, Jill Schwab

Worker Safety Insurance, Miranda Miller